Manhattan Boxing Training-Sessions with a LIFE-long, competitive EDGE

Welcome to BoxerDRILLZ Corporation

New York City Boxing Training sessions
engineered for the SUPER-busy Manhattanite
who needs a fresh, edgy-new way of keeping momentum
inside & outside of work

I am Ricky Ray Taylor,
President of BoxerDRILLZ Corporation.
ONE MISSION is carried into each training session:
to chisel the CHAMPION from you
I frame each-training-session as if YOU are preparing for a fight.
This intensity
is as innovative as it is life-changing,
as cutting-edge as it is rewarding.
In the wake of my 140-fight career,
it’s fair to suggest
that I have a good-grip on what this type of boxing training entails.




-Gym fees are not included in the cost-

Hand-wraps $10
12 & 14oz BoxerDRILLZ Training Gloves $45
16oz BoxerDRILLZ Training or Sparring Gloves $55

The BoxerDRILLZ Bite

The BoxerDRILLZ BITE is a one-man-show.
It is a newsletter I send out from time to time which breaks down:
1 ~ “FIGHT LISTINGS” for ALL televised Boxing matches (very valuable!)
2 ~ “VIDEO INTERVIEWS” of fighters
3 ~ off/the/cuff ARTICLES about the SCIENCE
Just BOXING stuff.
HERE is the sign up form for


Ricky is an amazing trainer and I’m lucky to have connected with him. I had never boxed before, and being a petite, working woman with zero experience in the sport (I’m typically a runner), I didn’t quite know what to expect. What I quickly realized is that it’s about hard work and dedication. It’s about building a new level of endurance you didn’t know you had in you – and Ricky brings it out of you. The workouts/drills Ricky creates are challenging but extremely satisfying for those who want to keep in good shape. I usually train with Ricky for an hour at a time, about once a week, but wish it could be more. Ricky is so dedicated and passionate about teaching the sport of boxing, which makes learning that much more fun. He’s also very careful to mind old injuries and keeping you healthy. After a few sessions with Ricky, my body was already transforming into something I could be really proud about – finally!

Sarah C.

I lived in NYC for 4 years and trained with Ricky for 3 of those years. Apart from being some of the hardest work-outs i have ever had – they were also some of the most enjoyable and rewarding. Ricky got the best out of me – not by yelling but by his positive attitude and willing me to push myself. Apart from getting fit i also learnt an enormous amount about boxing – i had no idea it was such a technical sport. Ricky is very pedantic about technique. This made it all the more enjoyable for me – learning so much about what is an amazing sport. He is a great teacher and trainer – I recommend him unreservedly.

Colin P.

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